My name is Susan Sedgwick Tyrrell but for the purpose of my site I am using my birth name Susan Sedgwick. I am 55 and grateful to be sober and clean for the last 8 years. I am very active in my recovery and my faith in my God! I believe that He blessed me with the gift to write and although my past writing was very dark, today it is spiritually & recovery based. I will be posting some of my old writings as well because it is part of my story and I don’t ever want to forget where I came from. I also enjoy doing research and writing about what I have been studying. I just graduated from Community College of Vermont with an Associate Degree in Arts. I enjoy writing and wish to become an accomplished writer and I enjoy dabbling with other arts such as painting, gardening, cooking (more healthy today), etc. Another goal I have is to become a recovery/ life coach and in a few years I am also planning on going back to college to become a deacon.  I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, strengths, and hopes with you! If you have any suggestions that can help me develop my site better please feel free to share with me.