I Give You Never Ending Life and Love

I Give You Never Ending Life and Love

I am still that baby reborn unto You, that little girl still holding You so tightly Lord

But I am grown up today as I walk continuously down the path of life with You Lord

You my Lord are holding my right hand, Jim is holding my left hand and we are walking down the path of the different seasons, on our journey together

Your beautiful creations all around us: the colors of autumn, the glistening purity of winter, the rebirth of spring, the warmth of summer.

There are beautiful white butterflies surrounding us, one riding of my left hand and one on my right hand.

They are guardian angels from the past.

I hear Your sweet whispers as You remind me that life is never ending as you breath Your Holy Spirit into my soul to refresh Your love in me

The butterflies lead us continuously through time, no doors to walk through, just a constant and closer walk down the path of the future with You Jesus

I look back and I see where I came from, I look down at my feet and see where my journey has brought me so far, and I look ahead and see where Your love for me will take me

As we walk together today You speak gently into my ears and Your words rest on my heart and in my soul as I hear You say

“Your old life ends today but at the same time your new life begins today and continues to flourish for both of you.

As you continue to walk with me, life and love never ending I will give to you both”

Susan M. Sedgwick



Sobriety Rocks

I was broken and angry

Angry at the world and angry at God

I felt lost and all alone

The alcohol and the drugs were my best friends

They always were there to comfort and console the pain

But then they abandoned me just like everyone and everything else did

Our relationship ended July 1st

I didn’t know what to do

How do I live with the friends who turned against me?

But how do I live without the only ones I ever trusted

It was July 4th and nobody would hear the gun with the fireworks

My heart ached, I was scared that my life would come to an end

I fell to the ground and looked up at the stars

I cried out for God to prove He loved me as everyone said He did

He brought me through the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous

It has been a long and hard road

But I haven’t had to revisit them old friends since I found my God

He gave me another chance to live

Today my life is beyond anything I ever thought possible

It is better than I thought I ever deserved

I owe my life, my heart, and my soul to my best friend

I owe it all to Him and Alcoholics Anonymous

Today my God is the Light of My Life

He gave me sobriety and Sobriety Rocks!


Written and published under my previous name in 2016


Leave Satan

Leave Satan!

You have no control over me anymore

Jesus told me I could tell you to go back where you belong

I am telling you to go back to hell where you came from

My ears and eyes are open only to my Lord’s truths

I am His daughter

I am worth love, worth being happy and healthy

I will not listen to your lies and do what you say anymore

I will not go places that are not I know my Lord does not want me to go

I will eat what the Lord tells me to eat

I will drink only what He says is ok to drink

He guides me and teaches me what is right and holy

He will protect me and strengthen me

He fills my heart, body, mind, and soul with His love and grace

I am His daughter, His love

He is my Father, my Dad, my best Friend, my All in All

And He controls my life, all of it

You do not have any control over me

Stay away from me and my family

Go back to where you belong

It is not here

Jesus lives here

Susan M. Sedgwick

I Am Reborn Unto You


Visions in my mind continue to captivate me

Today I see their meaning for me

They began to appear around the time I was baptized

The last time I was baptized that is

I will never forget the feeling I felt on Sunday November 4 2012

It was the first time I knew in my heart and soul that I could always trust in You

One vision is of a new born baby out in the universe all alone with the stars

Over the three plus years since this baby appeared I have wondered who it could be

Another vision is of me standing out in the universe with You

I am a little girl under Your left arm and covered by Your cloak

My arms wrapped so tightly around You my Lord

I am afraid to let go

No bottom to stand on, no walls to protect me, no ceiling to cover me

Just You and me and I never felt so safe, so protected, so whole.

Today I know in my heart that that baby was and is me

You were showing me that I was born again in spirit, heart, and soul

And that vision of me as a little girl with a death hold on You reminds me daily of the 91st Psalm

That You are the love of my life, my shield, my everything, always and forever

As  long as I never let go

Susan M. Sedgwick

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Freedom of Recovery

Freedom of Recovery Dinner Dance July 22,2017 at the Scerbo Center 52 Williams Street, Mechanicville NY. Pot luck dinner begins at 6pm with fellowship and dancing following at 8 pm to live music by Dave McClements. Come and enjoy recovery from grief, addictions and any afflictions life has handed you. Bring a dish if you would like, bring a friend or 2, but mostly bring yourself and an open mind to a good time! I never thought I would enjoy dancing again after getting sober and clean but 1 year after getting into a recovery program I went to a dance and haven’t stopped. Over the years I have chaired many sober dances and enjoy watching people learn that recovery can be fun. One St. Patrick’s day dance I put together was just a few days after my husband died and it helped me to get through the sadness and loss. I didn’t cancel it because I knew he would not have wanted me to. So come and relax, enjoy fellowship, great food, and awesome music. Any questions call me @ 802-681-3033!

Didn’t realize how hard this was going to be but I really feel like it is going to be worth it. I know it is going to take time and I don’t give up very easy.  Something I hear often since getting sober is “Progress not Perfection”. I didn’t get to work on it yesterday because I was out mowing the lawn and working in the veggie garden. Taking it a little easier today since 3+ hours mowing and 1+ hour weeding really kicked my fibromyalgia in high. Still moving though, I went out to weed one of my flower beds and going back out for a little bit to do some more since it isn’t raining yet. Still need to do some work on the line of greeting card I am designing also and a research paper.  I will be back at this later. I look forward to any ideas that anyone may have to help me out. God bless